Massaya Rosé 2018

Tasting Note
This savory rosé is loaded with flavors of bright raspberries, strawberry cream, and sour cherry. For those looking to dive deeper into lesser-known regions, this bottle is just the ticket. Produced from Cinsault, Syrah, and Cabernet Sauvignon.  

Why We Love This Rosé
This savory pink juice is perfect for those looking to drink delicious pink with an off-the-beaten-path flare. We particularly love sipping this bottle alongside Middle Eastern-inspired mezze. 

Region/Appellation - Bekaa Valley
The Bekaa Valley is home to the majority (approx. 90%) of Lebanon’s total wine production. Although the first vineyard was planted in 1857, the country’s viticultural scene has really only taken off internationally over the past few decades. This high-altitude valley sits at about 3,000 feet above sea level and is rather long and narrow. The region’s many mountains protect from maritime rains, as it is mostly located in the rain shadow created by Mount Lebanon. Although the Bekaa Valley does not have a high annual rainfall, water flow from higher hills helps keep the region irrigated. 

About the Winemaker
Massaya is a Lebanon-based winery founded by Tanaïl Property in conjunction with French oenologue Dominique Hébrard (Cheval Blanc), Hubert de Boüard de Laforest (Château Angélus), and Daniel Brunier (Château Le Vieux Télégraphe). Massaya cultivates their vines at soaring altitudes and all farming is done organically. This pioneering winery is one of our favorite estates in Lebanon. For those looking for a solid place to begin exploring Middle Eastern viticulture, this winery is just the ticket. 

Serving Situation

This savory Lebanese rosé is the perfect gateway bottle for diving into the world of the Middle East’s winemaking scene. We love sipping this bottle chilled along regionally inspired mezze, including labneh, charred eggplant, and homemade hummus.