5 New Year's Wine Resolutions You Can Actually Keep


Come January 1st, New Year’s resolutions are the only thing on everyone’s mind-- that is, for about thirty days, until said goals are either abandoned or forgotten. This year, we’re challenging you to join us in pursuing these five wine-focused resolutions that are actually easy (and fun!) to maintain. Let’s make 2019 our most educational, wine-soaked year yet!

Read More Wine Books

In the digital age in which we live, there’s something irreplaceably special about picking up a book and leafing through its information rich pages. This year, in addition to reading wine-focused articles, magazines, and blog posts, we’re vowing to read more wine books, written by some of the industry’s best. Not sure where to start? Check out some of our current favorites, below.

Recommended Reading: The Sommelier’s Atlas of Taste by Jordan Mackay and Rajat Parr; What Makes a Wine Worth Drinking by Terry Theise, The New Wine Rules by Jon Bonné, The World Atlas of Wine, 7th Edition by Hugh Johnson & Jancis Robinson

Drink More of the Classics

As much as we love up and coming regions and producers, getting familiar with the classics is truly invaluable. While we continue to venture into the ‘off the beaten path’ world, we also vow to continue studying the classics with just as much curiosity and excitement, as these regions and varieties will continue to be staples across shop shelves, wine lists, and respectable cellars alike.

Visit More Wine Bars

The best way to study, whether classics or up and comers, is through tasting as much as possible. This year, we’re dedicated to visiting more wine bars around the globe, delving deeper into the world of wine, one glass at a time. Frequenting wine bars not only puts you around like minded professionals who are eager to share their knowledge with you, but it also provides an insider’s look into a city’s food and booze scene. No matter where your 2019 travels take you, vow to hit at least one bar in every city that you visit.

Pop More Bubbly

Gone are the days where sparkling wine was simply designated for celebrations and holidays. This year, we’re planning to add a little sparkle to our non-festive occasions as well, popping bubbly simply for the sake of doing so. Though drinking bubbles doesn’t always have to break the bank; stock up on some of our non-Champagne favorites for budget-friendly sparkly sipping-- but always have a few bottles of Champagne on hand, too!

Build a Basic Wine Cellar

Having a basic wine cellar doesn’t have to be as intimidating or expensive as it sounds. Basic wine cellars can be as small as 6-18 bottles, stored within an arm’s reach of your own kitchen or living room. Simply purchase a basic temperature-controlled wine fridge, find some age-worthy bottles from producers that you love, and lay them down for a few years to watch the magic unfold. Your future self will thank you!