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The 'New White Burgundy' We Can't Get Enough Of
France’s best known Chardonnay region is changing. We’re letting you in on some of its best kept secrets. Intrigued? Pour a glass and read on.
What We Look for In Good Natural Wine
Nothing stirs the wine industry pot like a conversation about natural wine. Here at Verve Wine, we deem ourselves to be big fans of the juice – however, knowing how to scope out the good from the not-so-great is key. This week, we’re letting you in on what good natural wine looks (and tastes) like to us. Read on, grab some of our top picks, and get ready for a delicious ride. 
Old World vs. New World, Explained
We’re breaking down everything you need to know about Old World vs. New World wines – and the differences go far beyond regional focus. Read up on the specifics, grab some contrasting bottles, and get ready to taste the differences for yourself.
Underrated Spain: Everything You Need to Know (and What to Sip Along the Way)
Spain continues to climb to the top of our list of delicious, affordable, and under-the-radar places for good wine. Read up on top regions, producers, & bottles to drink – then snag some wine before the world catches on.
Beaujolais Breakdown: Everything You Need to Know About the 10 Crus
Our love for Gamay from Beaujolais knows no limits. These chuggable, earth-driven wines are everything you want them to be: juicy, food-friendly, and perfect for sipping year-round. If you’re not already an avid Bojo drinker, we can almost guarantee that you will be soon. Read more.
Dustin Wilson, MS: Thoughts on 2018s from Burgundy
Check out what our co-founder Dustin Wilson, MS, has to say about the newly dropped 2018 vintage from Burgundy (hint, you don't want to miss it!)
When Instinct Reigns King: Checking in on Harvest 2020
If great wine is made in the vineyard, then the plots are also where the stress begins. After speaking with a few of our vigneron friends, one thing’s for sure: harvest definitely isn’t for the faint of heart. 
Dustin Wilson, MS: Wind-Down Wines for Late Summer
This week, our co-founder Dustin Wilson, MS is taking over the blog and letting us in on his top picks for late-summer wine sipping. Read on to check them out.
6 Alternative Grapes for Chardonnay Enthusiasts
Our love for Chardonnay runs deep. Its versatility and malleability lead to a variety of wine styles and flavor profiles. Despite our love for it, there’s a whole world of white wine waiting to be discovered. Here are six alternative grape varieties Chardonnay enthusiasts are certain to love. Get ready to explore something new! Click to learn more.
How to Find the Best Value-Driven Wines in California
We love California and all of its viticultural glory. However, there’s definitely a lot of subpar juice coming out of the Golden State. When it comes to California sipping, knowing how to pick your bottles is key. We’ve rounded up five quick tips on how to snag the best bang-for-your-buck options in a sea of California wine. Read more.
Wine in the Wild: Tips for Your Next Outdoor Adventure

Whether sailing on the lake or hiking through the forest, one thing’s for sure: you’re going to need some juice for your adventure. We’ve rounded up five tips on how to incorporate wine into all of your outdoor escapes. Simply pop, pour, and enjoy the best that nature has to offer. 

Breaking Down the Myths Around Rosé

Rosé falls victim to more stereotypes than any other style of wine on the planet. This week, we're breaking down six myths surrounding everyone’s favorite pink drink. Pour yourself a glass, settle in, and get ready for a dose of rosé-soaked reality. 

Why Regional Bourgogne Wines Are the Best Values in Burgundy

Regional Bourgogne wines (Bourgogne Blanc/Bourgogne Rouge) provide some of the best quality-to-price ratios on the market. When produced by the right vignerons, they receive just as much TLC as their more specifically designated counterparts. Read more to learn about why these Burgundy wines are some of the most underrated and best value bottles. 

Here's Why We're Drinking Cabernet Franc All Summer Long
Cabernet Franc often finds itself in the shadows of Cabernet Sauvignon, but when it comes to warm weather drinking, the latter is where it's at. From being the perfect ‘chillable’ red to pairing well with many foods, here are the five reasons why we’re sipping Cabernet Franc this summer. Read more.
Six Tips for Building a Go-To Case of Summer Barbecue Wine
Which wines pair best with summer barbecue fare? The options are endless, so we’ve put together six strategies for building a go-to case of wine that covers all of your bases. Simply follow the tips below, sip what you love, and get ready to have your thirst quenched. 
In Praise of Domestic Chardonnay: Stripping Away the Shade from America’s Most Misunderstood Grape

Domestic Chardonnay doesn’t always get the love it deserves and we’re here to change that. Chardonnay from the USA often falls victim to stereotypes that don’t always ring true. While there are expressions of domestic Chard that don’t live up to our expectations, this could be said about any variety. Read more.

Journey Along Our Virtual Wine-Soaked Road Trip Across the USA

With July 4th Weekend just around the corner, we’re taking this week to highlight our favorite places to drink domestic wine across the country. From wineries to restaurants to a handful of bars in between, these ten stops are certain to keep you hydrated from coast to coast. Strap your seatbelt on and get ready for a delicious virtual journey!

10 Rosé Wines for Every Palate Preference (Including the Self-Proclaimed 'Rosé Hater')

Whether the classics call your name, natural wine is your jam, or you simply just want something to drink while lounging poolside, we’ve got a bottle for every palate preference and sun-soaked situation. Cheers to a rosé-filled summer season!

6 Alternative Grapes for Pinot Noir Enthusiasts
What’s not to love about Pinot Noir? The grape’s naturally high acid, thin skins, and low levels of tannins lead to bright, easy-drinking wines that are perfect for serving with a variety of foods. It’s no surprise that consumers, industry...
Everything You Need to Know About Négociant Wines

Although négociant wines are often viewed as inferior to their estate-bottled counterparts, we’ve got a few producers that are certain to shift that mentality. Today, micro-négoces around the globe are purchasing responsibly-farmed fruit and vinifying wines that rival some of the best estate-bottled juice. Learn more.

Everything You Need to Know About Whole-Cluster Fermentation

It’s no secret that we love a little whole-cluster action in our juice over here at Verve Wine. When vinified at the right hands, adding stems to wine can add texture, flavor, and structure to final cuvées. However, vinifying whole-cluster requires a pretty strong attention to detail. Curious to learn more? Read on.