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5 Tuscan Producers You Need to Know

Known for savory Sangiovese, Tuscany is home to some of the greatest winemakers in the world. Get to know the producers we love through our guide, here. 

To the Women in Wine Who Inspire Us

In honor of International Women's Day, we’re highlighting some of the hardest working females in food and wine. Our industry wouldn’t be the same without you. 

Producers We Love: Comando G

Comando G is one of Spain’s best-kept secrets and we’re here to let you in on it. Rayas-like aromatics meet Burgundian texture. Intrigued? Read on.

Meet Our Friend, Founder & Host of The Original Wine & Hip Hop Podcast / Cru Luv Selections, Jermaine Stone!

Looking to sip in style? Jermaine Stone’s got the right idea. Get to know one of our savviest friends through our exclusive interview, here.

Producer Spotlight : Pierre Cotton

We’re highlighting a fresh new face in Beaujolais that we believe is shaking up the region’s viticultural scene for the better : Pierre Cotton. 

Meet Our Friend, Wine Director, Winemaker, and Reboule du Rhône Co-Founder, Thomas Pastuszak!

Get to know one the face (and hair!) behind the NoMad, a handful of our favorite wine brands, and Reboule du Rhone, through our exclusive interview, here!

Meet Our Wine Bar Extraordinaire Friend, Ariel Arce!

Get to know more about entrepreneur Ariel Arce, the methods behind her business planning, and how she worked her way to the top of NYC's Champagne game.

Meet Our Winemaker Friend, Pete Stolpman!

Revolutionary winemakers across Santa Barbara have reawakened the region’s viticultural scene, bringing conscious farming and minimal intervention to vineyards across the county. Get to know our winemaker friend Pete Stolpman, a longtime pioneer for real winemaking in the Golden State, here!

Meet Our Friend, Winemaker, Sommelier, and Award-Winning Author, Rajat Parr

There’s no one in the world like Rajat Parr. An accomplished sommelier, winemaker, and award-winning author, Rajat made his way to the States back in the early 1990s, diving head first into the world of wine, restaurants, and hospitality. Get to know Raj through our interview with him, here! 

Meet Our Friend, Wine Director & Managing Partner at CdVS, Caleb Ganzer

Meet our friend Caleb Ganzer, fellow sommelier and Wine Director/Managing Partner at Compagnie des Vins Surnaturels, New York's best known wine bar, located in Nolita. 

Meet Our Friend, Sommelier & Managing Partner at Racines NYC, Pascaline Lepeltier, MS

Meet our friend, Sommelier and Managing Partner at Racines NYC, Pascaline Lepeltier, MS! Passionate about sustainable agriculture, hospitality, and ‘authentic’ wine, Pascaline shares what brought her to NYC,  American and French restaurant differences, and her personal stance on ‘natural wine.'

Meet Our Friend, Author and Sommelier, Sarah Thomas of Le Bernardin

Meet our friend Sarah Thomas, sommelier at Le Bernardin, and author/founder of Kalamata's Kitchen! Get the inside scoop on what it's like to work the floor at one of NYC's hottest restaurants, as well as what it takes to write a children's book and create a small business!

Meet Champagne Queen Rita Jammet

Get to know our friend Rita Jammet, the face behind La Caravelle Champagne and expert on all things hospitality! From dominating the NYC restaurant world, to founding a globally renowned Champagne brand, Rita gives us unmissable insight on the industry through her interview, here.

Meet Restauranteur, Italian Winemaker, and Sommelier, Joe Campanale

Get to know our friend Joe Campanale, Wine Director and Partner at Brooklyn based Italian eatery, Fausto. Get the inside scoop on working in New York City's restaurant biz, making wine in Abruzzo and Campania, and all things Italy!

Meet Author, Sommelier, & Napa Valley Expert, Kelli White

Get to know our friend Kelli White, Senior Staff Writer for GuildSomm and author of Napa Valley, Then & Now. Grab the inside scoop on wine industry careers, journalism, and what makes Napa so special.

Meet the Minds Behind the SOMM Trilogy, Jason & Christina Wise

Can’t get enough of the SOMM documentary series? Meet the brains behind the project, Jason and Christina Wise, founders of Forgotten Man Films/creators of the SOMM films.

Meet Bad Boy Turned Master Sommelier Carlton McCoy

Meet Carlton McCoy Jr, MS, wine director of The Little Nell in Aspen, Colorado and get to know a good friend of Verve Wine.