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Journey Along Our Virtual Wine-Soaked Road Trip Across the USA

With July 4th Weekend just around the corner, we’re taking this week to highlight our favorite places to drink domestic wine across the country. From wineries to restaurants to a handful of bars in between, these ten stops are certain to keep you hydrated from coast to coast. Strap your seatbelt on and get ready for a delicious virtual journey!

Our Favorite BYOBs in New York City

Dining out in NYC isn’t cheap, and usually the booze is to blame. Here are our top picks for BYOBs in New York City (wine recommendations included!)

Eat. Drink. Travel. Repeat.

Eat, drink, travel, repeat is our 2020 mantra. Although we have a long list of regions we’d love to visit, here are our top five picks for this year.

Our Favorite Wine Bars in Paris

No one does wine culture quite like the French. Looking to imbibe at Paris’ best? Check out our favorite Parisian wine bars via the list below!

Everything You Need to Know About Friuli

In the world of food and wine, Italy does it all. And when it comes to one-of-a-kind bottles, looking to Italy’s ‘outer borough’ regions is definitely worth the trek. Here, we’re taking you on a journey to Friuli, known for good eats, great vino, and a unique meshing of cultural influences.

Our Favorite Wine Bars in San Francisco

Here at Verve, we take our wine pretty seriously-- and wine bars are no exception. Luckily, San Francisco is overflowing with exciting places to imbibe. Here are some of our favorite wine bars to visit in the Bay Area!

Everything You Need to Know About New Zealand

New Zealand winemaking goes much further than simple Sauvignon Blanc. Varying microclimates, soil types, and topographical differences create a diverse scene, making it one of the Southern Hemisphere’s most exciting wine regions to explore. Get to know New Zealand and its wines through this guide!

Discover Hungary, Central Europe's Hotbed Rich Dessert Wines & 'Bull's Blood'

When it comes to Old World viticulture, Central Europe is full of rich history and delicious wines-- and Hungary is no exception. Hungary produces some incredible bottles; from dry, thirst-quenching whites, to full-bodied ‘bull’s blood,' to the dessert wines of Tokaj, we can’t get enough!

Discover Savoie, France’s Alpine Influenced Wine Region

Love high acid wines? This one's for you. Get to know one of France’s smallest yet most interesting wine producing regions, featuring crisp whites and crunchy, thirst-quenching reds. Discover this stunning, mountain-influenced region through our Savoie 101 below. 

Discover Austria, Central Europe’s Capital for Cool Climate Wines

Known for crisp whites, earthy, high-acid reds, and rare yet delicious dessert wines, Austria’s viticultural scene has something for everyone. Get to know this gorgeous, cool-climate country through our Austria 101 below. 

Five of Our Favorite Spanish Natural Wine Producers

Step aside, France-- Galicia is Europe’s hottest up and coming region for non-interventionist producers. Love natural wine? Get to know five of our Galician winemakers, here!

Discover Tuscany - Italy's Most Famous Wine Region

Tuscany's rolling hills, notable appellations, and various styles of wine make it both accessible and to any lover of wine. From crisp whites, to full-bodied reds, Tuscany has it all. Learn about the Tuscany's wine history, climate, grape varietals and notable regions in this post.

Our Favorite Wine Bars in New York City

There are plenty of great wine bars scattered all over New York City, brimming with savory snacks, killer ambiances, and of course, excellent wine. Here are eleven of the best places to post up and grab a bottle in NYC.

Discover France's Rhône Valley - North vs. South

Northern Rhône, Southern Rhône-- what’s the difference? Although the two lay nestled within the same valley, the Northern and Southern Rhône are actually quite different. Get to know both components of this viticultural haven here, with our Rhône Valley explainer.