One White Street, a restaurant by Chef Austin Johnson and Master Sommelier Dustin Wilson

At One White Street, a Tribeca restaurant centered on global ideas and local ingredients, guests enjoy a wine list focused on family-owned wineries and a menu supplied exclusively by Rigor Hill Farm in Columbia County, New York.

“The energy of New York, the quiet of the upstate farm, the perspective, techniques and flavors discovered through travel is represented here, expressed through the freshest ingredients possible.” ~ Chef Austin Johnson

From Chef Austin Johnson and Master Sommelier Dustin Wilson everything served at One White Street is ingredient-driven, with an emphasis on local food and wine from family-run establishments. Set in a restored townhouse infused with the mindful style of Richard Felix-Ashman Design, One White Street promises a welcoming experience for everyone.    



Chef Austin Johnson & Master Sommelier Dustin Wilson

The best of every season is brought to the table, with organic ingredients sourced year-round from Rigor Hill Farm in Columbia County, New York. The concept of this incredible farm was inspired by time Johnson spent cooking in Paris, where markets around the city provided him with pristinely fresh produce brought in from the surrounding hamlets and villages each morning.

One White Street is the NYC personification of this style sourcing, overseen on the farm end by Eliot Coleman, a career farmer with a track record of supporting organic, small-scale, and sustainable cultivation. Johnson worked with Coleman and farmers Danny Morales and Katey VanKerkhove to build Rigor Hill Farm in upstate New York. 

This close connection provides One White Street guests the opportunity to enjoy farm market favorites as well as hard-to-source seasonal ingredients, flowers, and even hops for the restaurant’s house beer. 

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Seasonal tasting menus feature ingredients at the height of ripeness and freshness, entertaining guests with courses designed to harmonize with the wine list. An ala carte menu is also curated to reflect the current harvest on the farm. 

Some of our favorite producers are on the wine list, including Thibaud Boudignon, Guímaro, Terrassen, Lingua Franca, and Domaine Huet. All chosen for incredible food-pairing capacity as well as a tenacious dedication to doing things right in the vineyard and cellar. The drink menu includes layered cocktail options, some that include farm-fresh herbs, tomatoes, and citrus. 

One White Street opened its doors in August 2021, welcoming reservations online. Check the website for the most current availability, menus, safety restrictions:

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