Summer Into Fall, With Wine

summer to fall wine

There comes a time when one looks back and wonders: did I live my best life? That time is now, as summer turns into fall and one realizes that change is in the air.

But it’s not fall in the Northern Hemisphere just yet. In fact, there’s nearly a month left. Plenty of time to enjoy one of the most fruitful phases of the year. Harvest is happening. Evenings are still warm. Days are still long. Pools are still open. Boats are still in. Wine is still delicious.

Instead of freaking out and cursing the tilt of the Earth, here are five ways wine can ease this transition and help you feel satisfied with your summer romp before autumn hits.

Chill the Reds

At the time this article was written there’s some major heat across the United States. Lucky enough to be in Phoenix, AZ this week? Enjoy those 112°F temps. No matter where you are located, the time is right to chill down the red wines, throw some meat on the grill, and treasure the fact that it’s not freezing cold outside. For advice on chilling red wine, we’ve got you covered in this blog post.


Eat your Veggies

Those pots you planted in spring are now delivering on their tiny, seed-bound promises. And don’t even get us started on the farmers market bounty. The peaches! The peppers! The corn! The squash! And of course, tomatoes of every shape, color, and size. (Did you know there’s actually one called Brandywine? Now that’s kismet.) One of our favorite pairings for tomato season is Sangiovese from Tuscany, so get what you need to make margherita pizza heaven. 

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Summer Like You’re in Spain

If there is a culture known for embracing the atmosphere — and tossing in the most tasty wine and food for good measure — it is that of the people of Spain. Earlier this summer we chatted with Gabriela Davogustto, wine director at Clay restaurant in Harlem, about the purity of Spanish wine. This phase of the year feels like the right time to ice down some Albariño and watch the sunset. “When people taste a good Albariño, they are amazed,” says Gabriela. “ When they taste the good stuff, their minds are blown.” 

Immortalize Summer with a Case of Wine

Here’s an idea. Look back over the most memorable wines you drank this summer. That rosé that went with every meal on vacation. That sparkler to toast your promotion. The Sauvignon Blanc so affordable you decided it would be your new house wine. Buy some of each to make a dedicated case — stock them away for a snowy day — and summer 2021 can be revitalized by popping a cork. In fact, science supports this idea. The sense of smell (ie: sticking your nose to the glass and breathing deeply) is proven to trigger memories. 

Don’t Give Up the Grill

Raise your hand if you grill year round. Do the rest of you get through winter with soups and stews and other things mainly cooked indoors with temperature control? Don’t give up just yet. Some of our favorite pairings are summertime meals and the wines that love them: rustic reds with grilled sausages, bright whites with shrimp kabobs, rosé with grilled chicken Caesar salad. Need inspiration, there’s a guide for that.

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