5 Best Coolers to Chill Your Summer Wine

5 Best Coolers for Chill Your Favorite Summer Wine

There was a time when searching for a cooler for your wine meant searching for a wine fridge—an often-expensive, indoor affair that could fit under a counter or could fill your whole basement. This style of wine storage is the way to go for collectibles or to fit into the architecture of your renovation, but there are times when a simple cooler of ice will do just fine.

For chillable reds, fresh rosé, crisp whites, and refreshing bubblies, a cooler is the ideal mechanism to not only keep the bottles cool, but to transport them from your home to the campground, party, beach, park, or wherever the fun road takes you. Here are five of our favorite wine coolers for the season.


YETI Tundra Haul Cooler

This one will set you back a few hundred dollars, but fans say that it’s worth it. It can hold 55 quarts and it’s the first Yeti on wheels, which makes moving all the drinks around a lot easier. As one reviewer said, this is “perfect for tailgating and Las Vegas hotel trips.” Another called it  a “large family pool day game changer.” 


Yeti Cooler for all your wine needs

📸: @Yeti


Herschel Little America Insulated Backpack Pro 

Herschel says this “picnic in a bag” is capable of holding up to 32 cans, though it doesn’t look like a massive pack. It's got a leak-proof liner and a key clip bottle opener. While we think it's perfect for a bottle of rosé and the makings of a cheese plate, we know some of you will pack it with canned wine and hit the boat. One review used it for an “all day bikes-to-bar crawl” which sounds like fun to us!


Grab the Herschel backpack for your next wine outing

📸: Herschel 



Wine Enthusiast 6-Bottle Waxed Canvas Weekend Wine Bag

This bag can hold up to six bottles of varying heights, so you can even put a long-necked Riesling in here too. A monogrammed tag and two different straps let you customize this to be your own. (No stealing at a big family party!) One reviewer said, “I'm the envy of all my friends.” Another commented that it’s the ideal size, “whether you’re going away for the weekend, visiting a friend’s house for dinner, or just going to a picnic.”


Wine Enthusiast 6 Bottle Carrier - perfect for a weekend getaway or dinner party

📸: Wine Enthusiast


SHAREWIN 80 QT Rolling Cooler Cart Ice Chest

Here’s the patio cooler you need for entertaining. Handy wheels allow you to move it from one side of the deck to another, and the attached bottle opener makes life easy for the beer lovers. The lid can be open to display all that gorgeous rosé, or closed to keep out the sun. One reviewer called it a “party container” while another commented that it is “easy to assemble and looks like a piece of furniture.”

 Sharewin Cooler - Keep Your Wine Chilled at your next party

📸: Sharewin



Coleman Reunion 54-Quart Steel Belted Matte Cooler

This is a reimagined version of the Coleman classic, the one that’s been around since the 1950s. It promises to hold 85 cans and keeps ice for up to four days in temperatures as high as 90°F. Plus you can sit on the lid, making this a great little seat for camping or patio parties. One reviewer said, “it’s perfect to take on the beach or to a party!” while another said that it “fit nicely in the trunk of our small car with the rest of our camping supplies.”

 Coleman Reunion Cooler - Get ready for your next beach day and keep that wine cool

📸: Coleman


Snag some wine, grab your cooler and lets go!