A Guide To Nailing the Coastal Grandmother Vibe

A Guide To Nailing the Coastal Grandmother Vibe, on the VerveWine.com Blog Now

We’re told that one doesn’t need to be a grandmother in order to enjoy life as a coastal grandmother. We’re also told that wine is involved, which is why the mode caught our attention.

What is it? Even if the term “coastal grandmother” doesn’t ring a bell for you, the look and feel probably will. An influencer named Lex Nicoleta coined this persona for casual chic individuals like Ina Garten, or Erica Barry, the fictional character played by Diane Keaton in the film Something’s Gotta Give.


Something's Gotta GivePhoto credit: Something's Gotta Give, Erica Barry aka Diane Keaton 


The lifestyle of the coastal grandmother is so tempting for this time of year that we got a bit into the vibe. Here are some of the most inspiring resources and outlets for nailing the walk-on-the-beach tone, even for those of us that can’t be on the coast right now.

Time to design that coastal dream house — or at least put a few items to work in your home that offer an airy, natural atmosphere. We love the collections at Serena & Lily, where the Design Inspiration section is as coastal grandmother approved as it gets. 


Design by Serena and Lily, get that coastal vibePhoto credit: @serenaandlily


When Oprah and Ina Garten come together, we hope that we’ll get an insider look at the queens of the vibe. In this home tour, which is published on Oprah Daily, we get to see some of the Barefoot Contessa’s essentials, including tips on her creative process and a look inside her barn kitchen. 

From flowy dresses for women to classic button ups for men, we look to J. McLaughlin for all things linen and beachy. There’s something for every coastal activity, from swim to golf, and they’ve even got a fun design-by-horoscope feature that feels very expressive. And every sign gets its own handbag suggestion with plenty of grasscloth, rattan, and wicker to go around.


Coastal living with scents of sea spray



Pottery Barn’s ocean fragrance, in candle, potpourri, or diffuser format, will make your place smell like a long weekend at the beach house. Marine grass, sea salt, ozone, honeydew melon, jasmine, aquatic musk, and cashmere woods are the notes that the retailer describes in the product. We can practically hear the waves.

As for the wine, coastal grandmother is all about chilled whites and crisp rosé. In her glass you’ll find Chardonnay — from California to Burgundy — and dry rosé from the South of France. She’s also got an appreciation for coastal whites from European islands or seascapes. She’ll pair it with fresh products from cultivated places like Loaves and Fishes in the Hamptons, with bonus points for preparing a meal from one of the signature cookbooks. Sounds like a great way to spend an afternoon, a long weekend, or the summer — if we only had the coastal grandmother schedule!


Benanti Pietramarina Etna Bianco Superiore, the perfect coast white wine for summer