5 Ways to Up Your Wine Game

Wine Game

Thinking about diving deeper into the world of wine? With so much information, so many different grape varieties and styles, and what seems like an impenetrable fortress of wine jargon, stepping up one’s wine game is a task that leaves most would-be wine enthusiasts feeling overwhelmed. Although wine is understood variously, there’s no doubt that it’s enjoyed equally, and taking it up a notch is actually quite simple. From understanding what you like to finding a stellar wine shop, here are five simple ways that vino drinkers everywhere can level up. 

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Figure Out What You Like

Knowing what you like, in addition to what you don’t like, is the first major step in drinking wine with more confidence. Figuring out why you gravitate towards certain styles (Crisp and high-acid? Rich and full-bodied?) is key. Once you know why you enjoy a specific style of wine, delving into the unknown becomes a whole lot easier. Stepping up your wine game means venturing out, specifically into new grape varieties, regions, and styles. Best way to do so? Believe it or not, by drinking more wine-- it’s that simple!

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 Find a Great Wine Shop

Discovering what you like becomes a whole lot easier when you find a wine shop that you trust. Get to know the store’s team members, who are eager to curate your selections to help you dive into the world of wine headfirst. Make the most out of your wine shop visits (online counts, too!) by simply asking for help. Don’t be intimidated! A great wine shop team takes extreme pride in leading you to those perfect bottles.

Another way to step up your game is to take staff recommendations-- and then provide honest feedback. Taking a chance on a new region or producer is a great way to level up, and sharing your thoughts with the team will help them lead you to even more delicious bottles. And don’t forget to checkout your wine store’s tastings and events! Jumping into wine-focused events gets you around like-minded people who are equally as into vino as you are, as well as opens the doors to new regions, bottles, and producers.


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Get Curious About What's in Your Glass

Another great way to step up your wine game? Get curious about what you’re drinking. Knowing how your wine was made (Is the fruit organic? Were there any chemicals/additives used in the process? Who are the people producing the bottle?) makes you a much more informed consumer, therefore, a way savvier drinker. With so many bottles on the market, getting curious about what’s in your glass not only helps you understand your wine better-- it also means you don’t settle for anything less than the best. Skip the swill and head to a quality wine shop to stock up on some goodies. Hey, a little knowledge and awareness goes a long way!


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Join a Wine Club

What’s not to love about having a selection of bottles delivered straight to your door? Monthly wine delivery is a great way to not only taste things that you may not have tried before, but also make wine part of your routine; bonus points for joining a club that provides tasting notes and food pairing ideas as part of the deal! Though with tons of discount-focused wine clubs out there in the world, one of the best ways to up your wine game is to choose a club that sources high-quality, sustainable, and delicious wines. Leave the gimmicks to grocery stores and sign up for a real deal wine club.

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Get Your Friends Involved

Wine is best enjoyed among friends, so start up a monthly tasting group or simply throw a wine-focused dinner party with some of your buddies. Getting multiple people involved in your tasting experience helps keep costs low, as well as brings a variety of tastes and opinions to the table. Nothing helps you learn more about your own palate than bouncing notes and preferences off of others. You won’t believe how quickly your wine knowledge evolves simply from drinking regularly with friends!