How to Choose Wine For A White Elephant Gift

How to Choose Wine For A White Elephant Gift, Wine Gifts Everyone Will Want to Steal

Oh, the holiday tradition of White Elephant gifting. It can be a stumper. If you’re like us, even the name is a head scratcher. According to our friend Wikipedia, “the term white elephant refers to an extravagant, impractical gift that cannot be easily disposed of.”

Hmmm. How does wine fit in? Extravagant maybe. Impractical can be disputed, and easily disposed of? No way. Not these bottles. Here are our suggestions should you find yourself in a White Elephant situation.

Oh, and we did confirm: it is definitely acceptable to steal your OWN gift, so choose wisely.

If you don’t really know anyone | choose from Best Sellers (total crowd pleasers!)

If there is a price limit | shop Under $50 (affordable wine gifts)

If the group is your supper club | shop For the Host collection (plenty of large format bottles)

If it’s a family thing | shop the Big Family Meals selection (food-friendly Italian gems)

If you want the best gift in the whole game | go with the Best of Burgundy (steal your own!)

If these are your travel buddies | go with Wines for Far Flung Places (islands, anyone?)

If some people are underage | get a Market Tote (super useful for anyone)

If you want a subscription | The Grand Tour gives all year (recommended by The Wall Street Journal)

If you're totally unsuredigital gift cards never fail (let them choose what they like)

To get gifts at some of the best prices of the year — for White Elephant or otherwise — dive into The Verve Wine Holiday Gift Guide 2021. Plenty of organized categories to help you make a quick selection and have wine for all the holiday tidings. Cheers.


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