Our Favorite Wine and Taco Pairings


As much as we love a good margarita, tacos and wine provide some of the most versatile and delicious pairings on the planet. We’ve matched up five of our favorite types of tacos with their perfect wine pairings; next time tacos are on the menu, lose the Modelo and follow our suggestions below!  

Tacos al Pastor - New World Pinot Noir

The slight sweetness and rich texture of al pastor meats pair beautifully with juicy, fruit-forward reds wines, especially Pinot Noir from the New World. Whether Napa’s your jam or Argentina is more your style, grabbing a bottle of Pinot from warmer-climate areas is the perfect match for tacos al pastor.


Fish Tacos - Albariño

Nothing screams summer like a basket of fresh fish tacos-- paired with a high-acid Albariño, of course. The wine’s zesty, citrus-driven flavors, tinged with salty, ocean-influenced undertones, are a perfect match for tangy tacos. For fried fish tacos (really, anything fried), we recommend grabbing a bottle of bubbles, though Albariño works equally well.


Beef Hard Shell Tacos - Zinfandel

Beef hard shell tacos, the classic dinner of your youth! Sometimes, going back to the basics just feels right. Spicy beef stuffed within crunchy hard shells calls for a jammy, fruit-forward red, like a Zinfandel from California. Australian Shiraz is also a great alternative; the key here is jammy, fruit-forwardness and sweet, spicy undertones.


Pork Carnitas Tacos - Dry Rosé 

When in doubt, rosé it out. The braised, roasted flavors of carnitas tacos pair gorgeously with a high-acid, red fruited rosé, especially on the drier side. Despite the notion that rosé is made for brunches and aperitifs, the wines’ high-acid and tart berry flavors make them extremely versatile on the table. You can’t go wrong here.


Grilled Veggie/Vegetal Tacos - Gruner Veltliner

Whoever said veggies are impossible to match food with clearly hasn't’ discovered the pairing power of Gruner Veltliner. The wines’ peppery green notes perfectly complement an array of veggies, especially when wedged between a soft taco shell. Vegetarians, this one’s for you.


Whether fried fish tacos or spicy beef are more your thing, there’s a flawless food & wine pairing for every taco dish in the book. Grab a bottle (or two) and get to snacking-- ¡Salud!