Wine in the Wild: Tips for Your Next Outdoor Adventure

Wine doesn’t need a traditional table or bar to fit into life. When you travel to wild places—by hike, by car, by van, or even by kayak—your wine can come along. That packed cooler isn’t limited to plastic water bottles and cans of beer, in fact there are more wines and wine accessory choices for the outdoors than ever before. Here are our suggestions on how to take your wine outdoors with no muss and no fuss.


Wine tips for your next outdoor adventuring or outing


Keep It Chill(ed)

When biking through the mountains or kayaking on the river, carrying a heavy cooler is not exactly ideal. Thankfully, insulated backpacks and decanters provide the perfect solution. There’s no better reward upon reaching your final destination than savoring an ice cold pour of rosé or crisp white wine. Simply pack your favorite juice into an insulated decanter or basic thermos. It will be cool and fresh when you’re ready to unwind.


Grab Unbreakable Glasses

Sure, you can sip your wine directly from the can or bottle, but today’s portable and unbreakable wine glasses are so easy. Throw a set of GoVinos directly into your cooler and you’ll have lightweight, stemless, and easy-to-wash glasses with a thin and elegant lip that mimics fine stemware. They are made in the USA and are endlessly reusable, perfect for pack it in, pack it out situations.


GoVino unbreakable stemless wine glasses

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Corkscrew or Screw Cap

The easiest thing is often the most simple, and choosing wine enclosed with screw caps means you will have one less thing to think about. But a corkscrew can be a lifesaver, and the most suitable one for outdoor situations is a wine key, just like servers and sommeliers use. Small and lightweight, you won’t regret throwing one into your pack or van glove compartment.  

Screwcap wine, perfect for an outdoor on-the-go setting with wine


Food for Thought

While you can always partner wine and food purposefully, make the trip easier by opting for the most versatile and food-friendly wines possible. Chillable reds, crisp rosé, and light whites are some of our favorites to match with simple summer fare. These are also easy-to-chill and can be ported around in the cooler or tossed into a cold stream for refreshment.  


Keep it Carefree

If bringing wine along seems too fussy for that cross-country van trip or simple weekend at the local state park, that’s probably because sometimes wine service can be a bit ‘extra.’ But that doesn’t have to be the case. The same simple refinements you enjoy at home can easily be translated to wild travel. Here’s our on-one-hand checklist that won’t take a but a few moments to plan:

A cooler full of wine is all you need for your next get together