Wines From Provence For The Fall Season

Jean-Philippe Fourney is the viticulturist at the esteemed Domaine Tempier in Provence’s Bandol appellation. He and a small team of dedicated people prune and harvest by hand in a biodynamic method. Sheep handle the weeding. Beneficial insects home in the vineyards which are teeming with biodiverse life. This time of year, after the harvest is complete, the vineyards will edge towards dormancy as the leaves begin to change color and the vines prepare for the winter season. 

“We take account of the moon cycles and above all we watch the vines! This farmer's lore is essential for the domaine,” says Jean-Phillipe. “It’s a genuine philosophy, a whole range of concerns that make the vines and people feel good.”

While Provence wines are often considered to be summer indulgences, people living in the South of France appreciate their local wines in any season, and you should too. Taking inspiration from the rhythm of the fall season, discover how Provençal reds, whites, and rosés belong on the table year around. 

Provençal Rosé — particularly Bandol Tempier Rosé with a complex structure and persistent freshness — is a perfect match for roasted, herbal, well-seasoned poultry or pork. Root vegetables, such as caramelized carrots or butternut squash soup sing with the slightly savory notes of Tempier’s iconic rosé.


provence tempier

But let’s not forget that producers like Tempier and other top tier Provençal domaines such as Domaine de Trevallon and Château Simone are highly regarded for the production of red wine. These are generally bold, structured, and complex — ideal partners for rich and layered dishes such as ratatouille, roasted game meats, or hearty mushroom dishes.

Another rare treat is white wine from Provence. Domaine Tempier’s Bandol Blanc, for example, is aromatic and fresh, but with enough body to pair with bean stews or vegetarian dishes. We love this one with gooey, hot plates of pasta or steaming bowls of fish stew or bibimbap

As you plan your fall and winter meals — so many festive opportunities coming up — grab a couple of bottles from Provence in any color you choose. These high-quality gems will satisfy your guests whether you are around the table or in front of the fireplace.