Thierry Allemand Cornas 'Reynard' 2019

Northern Rhône aficionados are truly appreciative of Thierry Allemand—credited with putting Cornas back on the industry’s radar, as well as shifting the overall regional style. Rather than the austere and overly tannic style that used to reign, Allemand introduced a quality over quantity mentality, organic farming, and an overall perception of balance to the region. Passion, history, and a whole lot of flavor are packed inside each one of these epic bottles. Sure, this one is valuable, but worth it. Like we said, Rhône fans are hot on the trail this release, and it's a gem to keep in the cellar. 'Reynard’ is produced from Allemand's older vines and is whole-cluster fermented, aged for 24 months in oak, and bottled unfined/unfiltered. Dark, concentrated, and sophisticated you will knock the socks off your guests when you bring this out for grilled steaks. A gem!


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