Here's Why We're Drinking Cabernet Franc All Summer Long

Cabernet Franc often finds itself in the shadows of Cabernet Sauvignon, though when it comes to warm weather drinking, the latter is definitely where it's at. Our love for Cabernet Franc runs deep for more reasons than we can count. From being the perfect ‘chillable’ red to pairing well with a variety of foods, here are five reasons why we’re sipping Cabernet Franc all summer long. 


It’s the Ideal ‘Chillable Red’

We believe that most red wines come to life when served with a slight chill, and Cabernet Franc-based bottles are no exception. The wines’ bright acidity and moderate levels of tannins make it the perfect candidate for popping in the fridge and sipping slightly cold. If you love chilled Beaujolais, Pinot Noir, or other high-acid red varieties, you’re going to love sipping your Cab Francs this way, too. Think of it as an extra boost of refreshment. 

The Pairing Possibilities Are Endless  

Cabernet Franc’s high acid, solid structure, modest tannins, and earth-driven flavors make it a no-brainer for serving with a variety of dishes. Riper expressions of the grape have enough body to stand up to a variety of meat-based dishes, while the pepper-driven notes in cooler-climate bottles pair perfectly with vegetarian favorites (root vegetables, mushrooms, lentils, and more). Simply put, Cabernet Franc is the perfect go-to summer barbecue wine, no matter what’s on the menu. Light up the grill, pop in the fridge, and get ready for some serious deliciousness. 

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We Love Supporting Our Friends

Cabernet Franc is cultivated all over the globe in a variety of regions and cellars. Lucky for us, a handful of our good winemaker friends feel the same way that we do about the variety -- they simply can’t get enough of it. Whether looking to our buddy Thomas Pastuszak in the Finger Lakes or over at our pal Eric Railsback on the West Coast, there’s nothing we love more than drinking delicious wines produced at the hands of our friends. 

Drinking Cab Franc is Always a Learning Experience 

Sipping wine should first and foremost be fun, but we also happen to love learning as we go. In the realm of wine education, Cabernet Franc provides some of the most unique (and important) sipping experiences on the planet. Because the grape is cultivated all over the world and in a variety of climates, the flavor profiles and expressions of this variety are near limitless. This range of diversity makes us really think about what we’re drinking, including the soils from which it came and the techniques that were used on it in the cellar. In other words, when it comes to blind tasting, especially in Old World versus New World tastings, Cabernet Franc is a great variety with which to experiment. 

It’s the Parent of Some of Our Other Favorite Grapes 

One of the little-known facts that we love about Cabernet Franc is that it’s the parent grape to three of our other favorite red varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Carménère. Next time a pour of one of these varieties comes your way, see if you can pick up any sort of pyrazines (that’s the green pepper tasting notes) in the wine -- you’ve most likely got Cab Franc to thank for that. Although we love Cab Sauv, Merlot, and Carménère, these wines can be rather heavy for warm weather drinking, which makes Cab Franc one of our top go-to picks for summer sipping. 


Moral of the story here is to light up your grill, cook what you love, gather amongst friends, throw a chill on your bottle, and learn a little bit whilst enjoying amongst those you love. Cheers!