The 5 Best Wines to Gift in 2021

The 5 Best Wines to Gift in 2021The 5 Best Wines to Gift in 2021

Choosing wine for other people can be challenging. Some of your friends are very particular, while others say their favorite is simply “red.” Either way, this can make selecting from the thousands of tempting bottles in the Verve Wine inventory a bit tricky. Let’s narrow that down and score a smile. Here are the top 5 wine gifts for the people on your list. 

For the Wine Purist | Natural Wines

There’s no shortage of opinions out there on what, exactly, qualifies as “natural” wine. Generally speaking natural wines are crafted from organically farmed fruit, native yeast fermentations, and are bottled unfined and unfiltered. Wines in this collection are delicious (we’ve personally tested that) and also satisfy a desire for transparency and low intervention craftsmanship. Bottles come at every price point, from every corner of the wine-growing world, so you’ll be able to meet the recipient’s preferences and deliver a natural product.

For the Wine Purist - Shop All The Best Natural Wine



For the Adventurer | Esoteric Varietals

Know someone who always orders something they've never tried before? These bottles are for them. The grape names might be a challenge to pronounce with the proper accent — hello Treixadura — but that’s exactly why these wines hit the mark. When shopping this collection, you can scroll down and find familiar descriptions such as style and pairing suggestions, which make choosing a bottle super easy. There’s red and white wines from around the world to browse. And who knows, you may discover a new favorite for yourself!



For the World Traveler | Far Flung Wines

From the Canary Islands to Patagonia, excellent wine is being made all over the world. Here are the wines for your buddy who has a seriously tattooed passport. “Visiting wine regions is a great way to see a place you’ve never been,” said NFL veteran Steve Hauschka when we spoke to him earlier this year. He and his wife Lindsey have spent time in both domestic and international vineyards, exploring the beauty, texture, and people that contribute to the viticultural landscape. “It’s such a special way to meet the local people.” This collection captures the essence of being in the place where the wines are grown and made.

For the Adventurer - Shop All the Best Esoteric Wine Varietals



For the Dedicated | Collectible Wines

This category comes to mind when shopping for a gift to impress, but a wine collection is something anyone can attain. Some people prefer to drink wines young, others like the benefit of age. There aren’t really any rules. If you can swing it, get a couple of bottles of a single wine so your friend or loved one can taste throughout its lifespan and get a feel for what they really want out of the drinking experience. Depending on the needs of your recipient, here are general guidelines for buying wine to suit their drinking and collecting wishes. And yes, there are plenty of bottles under $100 in this category — valuable but not out-of-reach.


For the Entertainer | Big Bottle Wines

If you’ve traveled to Burgundy and had the chance to party with the vignerons there, you’ll likely have witnessed a large format bottle or two being passed around. It’s a signal of celebration and sharing, and everyone loves seeing a magnum on the table. These wines are peerless for parties, so they make excellent host gifts or bring-a-bottle-to-share gatherings. Tie a bow on that big bottle and you’re ready to go. With options in red, white, sparkling, and rosé from your favorite wine regions, you’ll get what you want — maybe good things actually do come in BIG packages.

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