Aviva Vinho Verde Rosé

Tasting Note
Notes of citrus juice, white flower petals, and salty strawberries dominate the wine’s fizzy, fruit-driven palate. This is pure sunshine in a glass! Produced from 100% Espadeiro.

Why We Love This Rosé
The wine’s slight effervescence and low ABV (10.5%) make it ideal for afternoon sipping straight into the early evening hours. When weekend afternoons call for a glass of something refreshing, this is definitely one of our go-to picks. 

Region/Appellation - Vinho Verde
Vinho Verde wines are produced in the Minho region of northwest Portugal, which is lush, large, and tempered by nearby bodies of water (Minho River, Douro River, and Atlantic Ocean). These wines are produced in white and rosé format and are best known for their low-ABV, tart flavor profiles, and slight effervescence. White Vinho Verde wines are generally produced from the Loureiro, Arinto, and Trajadura grapes, whereas rosé wines tend to be vinified from Vinhao and/or Espadeiro. Vines in Minho are usually cultivated using a pergola training system, as the region’s Atlantic proximity makes humidity-fighting ventilation necessary. 

About the Winemaker
Aviva Vino is a New York-based wine distribution company focused on the wines of Spain, Italy, and Portugal. The names come from the Spanish word avivar,’ which means to rekindle or intensify. The folks behind Aviva Vino are passionate for shedding light on the cultures, vineyard sites, and wineries across southern Europe, and their portfolio focuses on carefully selected wines from family-owned European wineries. Their Vinho Verde cuvées are produced at Quinta da Lixa in the heart of Portugal’s Minho region, which comprises 105 hectares of luscious vineyards. 

Serving Situation
This spritzy, low-ABV wine is perfect for sipping at picnics and patio hangs everywhere. Pop your favorite bag of salty chips and get ready to salivate!