Domaine Charles Audoin Marsannay Rosé

Tasting Note
This high acid rosé of Pinot Noir is loaded with flavors of strawberries, underripe raspberries, and chalky limestone. We definitely see this juice as a benchmark bottle of what rosé from Burgundy should taste like. Produced from 100% Pinot Noir. 

Why We Love This Rosé
Rosé may not be the most popular style of wine produced in Burgundy, though on the rare chance we come across a well-made bottle of pink from Marsanny, we tend to jump. This bright and fragrant juice is produced at the hands of one of Burgundy’s most exciting up-and-coming vignerons, Cyril Audoin. The wine’s energetic and dynamic nature is a direct reflection of the young vigneron hands that make it. 

Region/Appellation - Marsannay-la-Côte AOC
Marsannay-la-Côte is the most northerly appellation in the Côte de Nuits. It is also the only village-level appellation in the Côte de Nuits permitted to produce red, white, and rosé wines under appellation regulations. Rosé counts for approximately ⅓ of Marsannay's annual production. Pink wines from Marsannay are made from Pinot Noir and are known for their mineral-driven backbones and solid structure. Marsannay is often referred to as the Porte d’Or (Golden Gate) to the Côte de Nuits. 

About the Winemaker
Cyril’s father, Charles Audoin, was a big pioneer of the Marsannay zone back in the 1970s, well before it was even recognized as a designated appellation. Despite its underdog reputation, Charles carefully selected and vinified fruit from only the best parcels within the appellation. Alongside his oenologist wife Marie-Francoise, the duo become trailblazers of single-vineyard bottlings in this off-the-beaten path area. Today, Cyril carries on his parents legacy and produces a variety of red, white, and rosé wines from sustainably-farmed fruit in Marsannay. Wines from Marsannay are known for their mineral-driven backbones, high acid, and structured backbone. 

Serving Situation
The high acid and savory nature of Pinot Noir-based rosés make them some of the most food-friendly pinks on the market. We particularly love drinking this bottle with baked salmon, grilled vegetable skewers, or a variety of soft cheeses.