5 Tips For Choosing the Best Thanksgiving Wines


Hosting Thanksgiving Dinner is stressful enough; add in the stress of choosing wines to serve, and you’re bound to be in over your head. However, selecting wines for Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be as difficult as it sounds. Whether you’re opening up your home, or simply bringing a handful of bottles to thank your host, picking a solid selection of wines for Thanksgiving has never been easier. Follow our five tips below for a flawless, hassle-free meal, no matter where your Thanksgiving Day takes you. We’ll drink to that!

Offer a Diverse Selection

Providing a variety of wines for friends and family to choose from always makes for a promising outcome. Selecting a variety of reds, whites, and bubbles ensures that each drinker at the table is able to sip their preference, no matter which style of wine is their go-to. Fuss-free Thanksgiving is already off to a great start!

But Not Too Diverse

However, giving your guests too many options to choose from can create a sense of confusion. We recommend starting out with no more than two different bottles within the red, white, and sparkling categories, with a potential rosé option thrown in for good measure. There is, however, one exception to the rule; if your guests are generous and show up with bottles to share, we definitely support cracking them open for the table!

Stick to Food-Friendly Staples

As much as we love delving into off the beaten path varieties, when it comes to Thanksgiving, we recommend sticking to the classics, for the sake of keeping it simple. Traditional Thanksgiving wines, such as Pinot Noir (we love Presqu'ile's expression from Santa Maria Valley), Gamay, particularly from Beaujolais (look no further than Dutraive!), Chardonnay (both New and Old world-- think RoulotSandhi, etc.), and Chenin Blanc (Arnaud Lambert's is killer and you can't beat the price!), are all great examples of food-friendly varieties that pair gorgeously with an array of dishes on the table. If your inner wine geek can’t help itself and absolutely needs something to nerd out over on the Thanksgiving table, we’d recommend sticking to only one or two off the beaten path choices (though we totally have your back!)

Don’t Stress-- Good Food and Company Make for Great Wine

Everyone says it, but it’s true: good food and great company are the solid foundations to a successful Thanksgiving. As long as your food and company are getting along great, then your selection of wines will only accentuate the experience. And if one of the two goes sour? That’s where the wine comes in! Vino, no matter which variety or region you choose, is always a solid ice-breaker.  

When in Doubt, Bubbles Are Always the Answer

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again-- when in doubt, stick to sparkling. Popping a bottle of bubbly isn’t just festive, it’s also a solid staple when it comes to food and wine pairings. A bottle of Champagne makes for the perfect pre-dinner aperitif (we recommend Bereche’s Brut Reserve NV), ideal for mingling guests to sip on whilst stimulating their appetite. During the meal, the naturally high acidity found within a bottle of bubbles pairs seamlessly with an array of rich sauces and tangy sides. And to conclude the holiday supper? Champagne plus dessert equals post-dinner perfection. Looking to add a little sweetness to your bubbles? Look no further than Patrick Bottex’s mouthwatering ‘La Cueille’ cuvée from Bugey-Cerdon!

From our Verve family to yours, we wish you a joyous, wine-filled Thanksgiving Day!