Best Wines for Brunch

There are two sides to the brunch coin. Celebrate an elegant holiday or reframe a late night with a bit of the hair of the dog on the following day. What you pop or serve sets the atmosphere. Explore some of our favorites for all occasions from easy-drinking rosé to your everyday Sancerre, to celebratory sparkling or a fancy bottle of Riesling.
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Les Deux Moulins Loire Valley Sauvignon Blanc 2018-Wine-Verve Wine
Triennes IGP Mediterranean Rose 2019-Wine-Verve Wine
Dhondt-Grellet Extra Brut Champagne Dans un Premier Temps NV-Wine-Verve Wine
Bereche 'Brut Reserve' Champagne NV-Wine-Verve Wine
Per Ora Prosecco NV-Wine-Verve Wine
Domaine Roger Neveu Sancerre 'Cote des Embouffants' 2018-Wine-Verve Wine
Frederic Savart 'l'Ouverture' Brut Champagne NV-Wine-Verve Wine
Lieu Dit Sauvignon Blanc Santa Ynez Valley 2018-Wine-Verve Wine
Domaine des Vieux Pruniers Sancerre 2019-Wine-Verve Wine
Pierre Peters 'Cuvee de Reserve' Blanc de Blancs Brut Champagne NV-Wine-Verve Wine
Paul Nicolle Chablis 'Vieilles Vignes' 2018-Wine-Verve Wine
Laherte Freres 'Ultradition' Brut Champagne NV-Wine-Verve Wine
Sandhi Chardonnay Santa Barbara County 2018-Wine-Verve Wine
Laporte Sancerre 'Vivienne' 2020-Wine-Verve Wine
Patrick Bottex Bugey-Cerdon 'La Cueille' NV-Wine-Verve Wine
RAMONA 'Ruby Grapefruit' 4 pack-Wine-Verve Wine
Robert Moncuit 'Les Grands Blancs' Blanc de Blancs Extra Brut Champagne NV-Wine-Verve Wine
Sandhi Chardonnay Central Coast 2019-Wine-Verve Wine
Laherte Freres Rose de Meunier Extra Brut Champagne NV-Wine-Verve Wine
Peter Lauer Riesling 'Barrel X' Feinherb Mosel 2019-Wine-Verve Wine
Domaine de Fontsainte Corbieres Rose 'Gris de Gris' 2019-Wine-Verve Wine
Chacra Rose 'Nacha' Patagonia 2020-Wine-Verve Wine
Domaine Arnaud Lambert Saumur Blanc 'Clos du Midi' 2019-Wine-Verve Wine
Empire Estate Riesling Finger Lakes 2017-Wine-Verve Wine
Railsback Freres Rose 'Les Rascasses' Santa Ynez Valley 2019-Wine-Verve Wine
Domaine Les Tuileries IGP Cevennes Chardonnay 2018-Wine-Verve Wine
Licataa Vino Spumante Demi-Sec Rosso NV-Wine-Verve Wine
Terrassen Blaufrankisch Rose Finger Lakes 2018-Wine-Verve Wine
Massican Proprietary White 'Annia' Napa Valley 2019-Wine-Verve Wine
Hild 'Elbling Sekt' Brut Mosel NV-Wine-Verve Wine
Triennes IGP Mediterranean Rose 2020-Wine-Verve Wine
Domaine Vacheron Sancerre 2018-Wine-Verve Wine
Donnhoff Riesling Nahe 2019-Wine-Verve Wine
Domaine Bailly-Reverdy Sancerre Chavignol 2019-Wine-Verve Wine
Arnot-Roberts Rose California 2019-Wine-Verve Wine
Terrassen Blaufrankisch Rose Finger Lakes 2019-Wine-Verve Wine
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